Artesanía Del Arbol is a familiy business that has 150 years of experience in the fabrication and sale of works of art in granadian taracea.

  This ancient technique is preserved in Granada with processes similar to those that existed in medieval times during the islamic occupation.
During centuries the furniture and decorative works of art made in Granada,such as the "jamuga", the "bargueño", tables, variety of boxes and cases, frames, tablets and a large list of objects, have been appreciated worldwide.They are product of the inexhaustible genius of granadian handicraft.


This technique consists of covering a surface with little geometrical pieces of wooden inlays combining them in sophisticated forms like a meander band or stars that evoke  the decoration in the mudejar style, which we find in the ceilings of the Alhambra in its maximum expression.
The mentioned style is predominant in the furniture and the other pieces we elaborate offering a wide repertoire to our clients and bringing a touch of distinction to every ambience.


We ship worldwide